Sweet Peach Farms

Sweet Peach Farms located in historic Lilly Florida is ideally situated to provide the South’s earliest, sweetest, most wholesome fresh peaches available. The 70 acre orchard has a unique micro

climate with cooler than normal winters which increases a peach’s natural sugar content, and a typical Florida spring warmth that allows for early fruit maturity.

If the crop (which is available in April and May) was harvested like most conventional peaches, they might be small, hard and honestly quite common. Sweet Peach Farms, in partnership with FreshPoint, is committed to allow the fruit to reach a high maturity standard and rapidly deliver it to customers that desire an exceptional tree ripe peach.

Their motto of “Ripe Done Right” is not just a slogan but a steadfast dedication to supply the market with the quality we all remember from the locally grown fruit of our youth.

The Leotti family started the ‘farm’ two short years ago. Owner Ed Leotti credits his wife Karla and his youngest son Vincent for the farm’s incredible development. “I think I see the trees smile when those two are out here.” While Ed is quick to give credit, his farm is a testament to determination. He lost a son in the war effort while establishing the orchard.

“My son Nick helped start this farm and we endeavor to make him proud. We will keep this property by being committed to producing a high quality, wholesome, great tasting peach that our customers will ask for by name.”- Ed Leotti

Phone: (941) 204-9638


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